Zoned out…

You’re interested in opening your physical location for your food catering business. You found the perfect space, the lease seems straightforward and the landlord appears to be honest and fair. There is some work to do in the space, but it won’t be too costly. You sign the lease for the building and your equipment leases. You are ready to head down to the City to get your business license and other permits. Almost a month later, you discover that the zoning ordinance does not allow you to operate your food catering establishment in the building you have leased! What does this even mean??

Every City adopts a zoning code that regulates the development and use of land. Cities are divided into different zoning districts. The zoning laws that govern the district in which you seek to open your business may not allow it to operate, or only allow it to operate with exceptions. These are exceptions that must be applied for and obtained through a very specific process! This is not a problem you want to run into unexpectedly. It can cause a major delay in the opening of your business (land use exceptions can take up to months in some municipalities) or even worse- prevent it. Do your due diligence on the front end! Contact C&G to assist you today!!

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