You've Got Options...

Have you performed services for or provided products of value to someone without a contract? Have they failed to compensate you? If this is the case, you may not have a legal action for breach of contract, but there are options.

In Michigan, there is an equitable doctrine called “unjust enrichment”. Aggrieved individuals can pursue these actions in cases where there was no actual contract but, a benefit was conferred on someone and they should not be allowed to retain that benefit at the aggrieved individual’s expense.

To establish a claim for unjust enrichment, you must show that the other party received a benefit from you and that it is inequitable or unfair for that person to retain the benefit. If a court rules in your favor, the other party will be required to make restitution to you, even though no contract may exist between you and the other party! Has something like this happened to you? Contact GLLG to assist you in pursuing an action today!


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