You only need an employment law attorney when an employee sues…right? – WRONG!!!!!

Updated: Oct 11

You only need an employment law attorney when an employee sues…right? – WRONG!!!!!

And while business owners may recognize this fact, a number of them still do not know how to determine if and when they need to seek counsel from an attorney.

A lot of savvy business owners choose to handle a number of employment matters on their own. However, some situations warrant seeking help. Even the most astute business owners need to seek legal expertise at times. Employment laws change regularly because courts and agencies frequently issue new opinions. Sometimes, these opinions completely change what we previously interpreted a particular law to mean. You want to make sure that you are current on the law AND fully understand it, as you are drafting employment policies, entering into agreements and making employment decisions- whether you have 2 or 200 employees.

Some situations that you may want to seek legal advice on: employment policies and handbooks; employment decisions (disciplinary action up to and including termination); classification (exempt, non-exempt, independent contractors, etc.); claims and complaints; internal investigations; and much more.

Think that your business is too small for this to be a concern? Please think again! Your workforce, no matter how big or small can make or break your business! Protect your company on the front end or you may be regretting it on the back end! Contact GLLG today!


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