What To Do If You Are Considering Divorce

With us all “sheltering-in-place”, many people are thinking about divorce. If you are considering divorce, use this downtime to take these important steps and answer these questions:

1. Communicate with your spouse!

  • Is the marriage really over?

  • Have you considered marriage counseling?

  • What do you want if the marriage continues?

  • What do you want when the divorce is finalized?

  • Are you and your spouse on the same page and can file together?

2. Gather Important Documents

  • Tax returns, pay stubs

  • Real estate and retirement information

  • Estate planning documents: Especially powers of attorney. You certainly don’t want the person you are divorcing to make medical or other important decisions for you (during a pandemic)

  • Marriage license/certificate

3. Contact Great Lakes Legal Group Today!


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