Wayne County judge files to claim trademark for Detroit RiverWalk

Check out this piece we came across about a possible upcoming trademark dispute over the Detroit RiverWalk! Last month, Wayne County Probate Court Judge Terrance Keith filed trademark applications for the names “The Detroit RiverWalk” and “RiverWalk Detroit.” No big deal, right? WRONG. Apparently, this came as a surprise to the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the non-profit launched in 2003 to boost public access to the riverfront and stimulate economic revitalization. To date, the conservancy only owns the trademark “Detroit International Riverfront.”

If Judge Keith’s trademark application is approved, he plans to use it to sell Detroit RiverWalk branded merchandise. The approval of Judge Keith’s application would mean the Conservancy would be PROHIBITED from using either trademark. We will keep you updated as this matter unfolds!

Click here for the article!


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