The “Z” Word

This week, we are re-sharing a VERY important tip on zoning. For those business owners starting out at home, looking to open a second or third location, transitioning from home-based to a store front- beware! Before you order equipment, sign that lease or purchase agreement, make sure you can operate your business where you intend to! If you do not, you could run into some serious issues with the City, your landlord and more! Check the tip out here:

When many people hear the word “zoning”, either they do not understand its implications or their eyes glaze over. However uninteresting or unrecognized it may be, it is extremely important. Zoning controls the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Zoning laws identify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place. Businesses need to take this into account, whether home-based, constructing a new building or even leasing a new space.

For example, concerning commercial zoning regulations, the type of business you run will make a difference, i.e. office/ medical; corner store; manufacturing and many others. Simply put, certain areas will allow certain types of businesses. Some businesses will not be allowed to operate or build where it is mainly residential; or the business may be allowed, but with certain exceptions. There are many other ways that zoning laws can impact your plans for commercial property or a home-based business. You must know the city’s zoning regulations along with any state factors. Questions? Concerns? Contact us today!

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