The Right Time is Right Now

From the desk of Attorney Jehan Crump-Gibson…

We are often asked how young is too young to have an estate plan done? What is the appropriate age? Do you have to be married with children? There is no time like the present. If you are an adult- single, married, children, no children- the RIGHT time is RIGHT now. Why? Well, there is more to an estate plan than a Will. There is more to the process than determining how your assets are handled when you die. What about when you live?

Cue the powers of attorney. These are an integral part of an estate plan. If you do not have them in place, it is a good chance someone will have to seek guardianship or conservatorship over you in probate court. A power of attorney for healthcare and a general power of attorney for your financial matters can help avoid this process if you become unable to make decisions for yourself- even if it is temporary (think, if you get in a bad car accident or suffer a brief bout of a debilitating illness).

If you have your powers of attorney properly drafted and executed, medical facilities and financial institutions will be able to turn to the person you appoint to be able to make decisions for you when you are deemed unable. This is a very serious designation and you have different options. Let us assist you with this very important process. Contact us today!

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