The “haves” and the “have nots”

…Of estate planning of course! The “haves”: they have met with us, followed all the steps in making their wishes clear, reduced them to writing and had them properly witnessed and notarized. The most important thing the “haves” have is peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that if something unexpectedly happens to you- whether you pass or are incapacitated- there is clear direction as to who will handle your affairs and what they are allowed to do. There is less room for error and you reduce the chances of your hard earned money or your health ending up being the subject of a public knock down battle in probate court, amongst your loved ones.

The “have nots” keep delaying. “I’ll get to it after things settle. “I am too busy”. We have heard this all before and represent clients regularly who deal with matters caused by the delay. We have seen families completely fall to ruin and health decline further, due to the stress. It’s heart wrenching! Please don’t assume it will never happen in your family. Sickness and death (and- money- no matter how little or much) have a way of evoking emotions from some of your loved ones. Other loved ones will see behavior from them that you would have NEVER expected.

Don’t let this be you. Whether you have $2,000 or $2 million, you need to determine where it will go and who will handle it- without a public court intervention! Contact us today, while you still have the chance! Protect your assets, your privacy and your family.

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