The Art of Negotiation

An overwhelming majority of criminal cases are settled before trial when the defendant and prosecution negotiate a plea agreement. Setting the terms of the plea agreement is just one step. Arguably, the most important step involves the judge actually accepting the plea and setting the sentence. Judges are not required to accept a plea and for that matter, the prosecutor is not required to offer a plea… Click HERE to read more.


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In order to be found guilty at trial, the prosecution must convince the judge (at a bench trial) or jury (at a jury trial) that beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the crime was committed and th

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Zoning regulations determine what kind of activity can occur in a given area or location. They impact the location of every type of business, including home-based businesses. Strict zoning laws could

Adoption: It’s more than you think!

Adoption is not a simple process and should only be taken after careful consideration of all factors, including the legal consequences. The process terminates the parental rights of biological parents