Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Handling your affairs requires the efforts of a team of qualified professionals. The estate planning process involves more than your attorney. It involves your financial advisor, banker, CPA and insurance agent. Having the plan drafted is just one piece of the pie. You must take affirmative steps to make sure your plan as drafted is actually working for you.

For example, you must ensure all of your assets are properly titled, among other things. Here, teamwork makes the dream work and your other trusted advisors become your most valuable players. This is a critical step that is often missed and ends up costing families in the long run. At GLLG, we regularly quarterback the play with the team. We work with other trusted advisors to ensure our clients’ needs are met. If you are currently working with other professionals, we will coordinate with them. If you are in need of other qualified professionals, we will make sure to connect you with them and work to put your plan in place.

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