Square peg in a round hole: undervaluing Human Resources

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in running your business is hiring someone to run Human Resources- that does not KNOW Human Resources. We have seen far too many times owners of closely-held businesses hire a friend or someone a friend recommends that is good with “paperwork” and is “really organized” to handle Human Resources. You cannot take for granted how important Human Resources is and the expertise that it requires!

Human Resources is a highly specialized field. Understanding the implications of certain actions, conversations, handling of files, complaints, leaves of absence, medical issues, overtime, insurance and MUCH MORE is crucial!

Would you let the plumber fix the electrical issue in your home? How about asking your insurance agent to do your taxes? NO! Keep this same premise in mind when you are hiring staff- whether you are growing or maintaining. Your staff can MAKE or BREAK your business. You want to be sure to entrust their matters to someone who is equipped to handle them!

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