Small Business Matters: Eyes Wide “Shut”

We often discuss the dangers of small business owners unwittingly neglecting important matters that can ultimately make or break their businesses. Many business owners have tunnel vision when it comes to driving the bottom line. When this happens, they run the risk of missing an exit and detouring to hazardous terrain.

For this week’s tip, we are sharing a great article we came across on the dangers of failing to address Human Resource issues.

Warren Cook states: “There is an absence of any human resource strategic planning or management. The result is significant risk and liability in the execution of their employment practices, which ultimately could mean the difference between long-term business success, and utter failure.”

We could not agree more. This is a harsh reality that small business owners must face and take steps to address. Take a look at the article HERE and let us know your thoughts. Questions? Concerns? Need assistance with Human Resource matters in your small business? Be proactive! Do not travel the road with your eyes wide shut! Contact C&G today!!

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