SMALL Business- BIG Problems

Small business owners often make the mistake of failing to consider employment/ labor laws that apply to their businesses. While there may be some federal and state laws that apply to businesses with a certain number of employees, there are others that apply to ALL: even if you only have ONE.

Think: Workers’ Compensation, Independent Contractor Rules, Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime, among other things), Employee Safety, Child Labor Laws, Privacy and more…

Knowing that these laws apply to all businesses no matter the size and also understanding and being in compliance with the various laws is of the utmost importance. If you do not, your SMALL business may end up having BIG problems- lawsuits, steep fines, increased government oversight, the list goes on.

Still think you’re not subject to these laws? What about that one freak accident that happens while a staffer is simply walking back to the front desk? Or when the ladder gives out on the employee that is changing a light bulb? What about that ONE employee that gets angry when he is terminated and reports to the State you have not been paying overtime? These may be scenarios that you do not anticipate but happen more often than you know.

Take a moment to make sure you are in compliance with the law. Don’t take a chance! Contact C&G to assist you TODAY!

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