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You have leased a new building for your business. One of your tasks is selecting a new business sign for opening. There are a few LED and Digital options that are attractive to you. You plan to select the sign and have it installed by week’s end. That easy, right?

Not so fast. Every municipality enacts ordinances that regulate advertising and signs of all types. Typically, a sign code seeks to balance economic interests and preserve the character of a given neighborhood, while protecting the public against hazards, distractions and the confusion of conflicting signs. Your business sign must comply with city regulations, which is why you must seek approval PRIOR to installing a sign.

It is prudent to do your due diligence on the types of signs allowed where your business is – BEFORE identifying a sign you like. This will avoid wasted time, money and other resources. Protect your interests on the front end, so you will have less to worry about on the back end.

Questions or concerns about your city’s sign regulations? Contact C&G to assist you today!

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