Sharing may not be so caring: the danger of borrowing contract templates

When you’re a small business owner, budgeting is everything. You try to keep costs down and save as much as you possibly can. What business owners MUST remember is that cost cannot always be measured in dollars alone. Some decisions you make on the front end can actually be costlier on the back end. There are a few areas where cutting may lead to trouble- one of them is using borrowed or boilerplate documents for your business.

Whether you’re hiring new staff, crafting your services agreement or your terms and conditions, taking templates from the internet or using the document your buddy uses for his business can prove to be risky. In most contractual documents, there is a lot of legalese that the average business owner does not truly appreciate. When you use an agreement that has not been drafted specifically for your business, there may be sections that either do not apply to your business, have an adverse impact on your business or do not operate in a way that is more beneficial for you or your business. Most proprietors have no clue either way, because this language is buried somewhere in Section 10(c) and makes their eyes glaze over when they start reading!

Don’t let this happen to you! We have seen far too many times business owners keeping costs down and turning their contracting process into a HGTV DIY project! In the long run, they have paid MUCH more. It’s too risky! You invest on good product and quality service- don’t forget about those important documents that can make or break your business!

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