Settling into the new normal? “Friending” employees on Social Networking Sites

Let’s face it. Social media is the “new normal”. And while there may be a few of us stubborn mules who have not embraced it, an overwhelming majority of people across many different demographics and generations have. There are so many ways the new normal impacts the workplace.

For this week’s “tip”, we are sharing an interesting article we came across concerning different implications from connecting on Facebook- especially for supervisors and HR professionals. Just think: Reading an employee’s routine statuses can come back to haunt you in the long run; for example, in the form of a discrimination suit. Many people share medical conditions, religious preferences, marital status and much more on social media. And while reading those engaging posts is seemingly harmless, the worst case scenario can be worse than you ever imagined. Tread lightly! With so many advances in society, best practices must constantly be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Take a look at the Article by clicking here !

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