Seal the deal…From Godparent to Guardian

Updated: Jun 7

Whether it is a relative or close friend, many parents choose godparents for their children. In and outside of the religious context, godparents tend to be individuals chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development and perhaps to take care of the child if something should happen to the parents. As special of a role as this is, most parents do not take the necessary steps to SEAL the DEAL.

Godparent status bestows NO legal rights. So, if it is your desire that your minor child’s godparents take care of them if something happens to you, you need to be sure to reflect that in your estate plan documents. In your will, you can nominate a guardian for your child, the person who will take the child in and make decisions relative to health, education and much more. You can also nominate a conservator, the person who will manage the funds you leave for your child. Sometimes this is the same person, sometimes it is different. No matter who you charge with these responsibilities, you need to be sure to memorialize it in legal documents so that the individuals YOU want to take care of your children can do so with ease after your passing. Seal the deal. Call Great Lakes Legal Group to assist you in finalizing your documents today!


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