Put it in writing! The Formality = The Reality

Put it in writing!!!

The Formality = The Reality “A man’s word is as good as the paper it’s written on”

Hiring a new printing company for your sales brochures? Ordering more product? What about engaging a virtual assistant or having the electrical system in your office repaired? Put the terms in writing!

While oral agreements are legal and can be binding in many situations, they are often difficult to prove or enforce in court. In some cases, they aren’t enforceable at all. Taking that extra step to have a strong agreement drafted will end up saving you a lot of time and resources in the long run. Even if the law doesn’t require a certain type of agreement to be in writing- STILL put it in writing! If the arrangement seems too informal- STILL put it in writing! Written agreements are less risky and WHEN DRAFTED PROPERLY clearly define the rights and obligations of the parties. This is key, particularly if a disagreement arises!

This mere FORMALITY should be a REALITY for all business owners! And while you should do it, the good news is that you do NOT have to do it alone! Put your mind at ease! Contact C&G Today to assist you today!

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