Permits, Licenses and Certificates…Oh My!

You are finally ready to open up shop. You have found a great location for your business, have a draft lease from the landlord to review and anticipate moving in shortly! There is a little bit of work to do on the space but you don’t anticipate it taking long at all. In fact, you have started getting your materials for your grand opening ready! Before you send that “Save the Date” to print and start getting the word out, we want to make sure one thing is on your radar: City inspections.

Far too many times, business owners take for granted how tedious the inspection process can be. Every city has a Buildings Department that is charged with ensuring all dwellings comply with city and state regulations. To operate your business, you will need a business license, certain permits and certificates from the City. There are inspections that involve various division and department sign-offs. What may seem like a simple project can turn into lengthy, time-consuming process. Do not take this for granted! Be prepared! Need help navigating the process? Call C&G to assist you today!!!

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