Over my dead body!!!

“Over my dead body!!!” You’ve heard this colloquial phrase plenty of times before. Let’s think about it in its literal sense- do you want to ensure that your loved ones do not argue about your funeral arrangements and burial or cremation?

Last June, Michigan law was amended to allow for individuals to designate a funeral representative to make decisions about postmortem funeral arrangements and the handling, cremation, disposition, or disinterment of the body. The new law includes authority for cremation and determination of the right to possess the cremains. Previously, all persons with equal priority as next of kin had to approve cremation.

When we first started discussing this new designation with clients, some were a bit taken aback. Who would even think to do this? Does it even matter?

For however frivolous or eccentric it may seem at the outset, making your wishes clear across the board leaves less room for disputes. If you make provisions for your assets, why not simplify things for your loved ones and be explicit about your farewell? After all, it is a very emotional time. Even with the most harmonious family, it will decrease the potential for further stress with additional decision making. It certainly will be helpful in the case of a family with a history of contention or conflict.

Take advantage of this all-important update in the law! Contact C&G today to update your estate plan or draft your plan to include your funeral advocate designation!

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