Myth Busters Edition: Powers of Attorney are only for the Old, Sick and Single!

MYTH: You only need a Power of Attorney if you are aging, sickly or single. FALSE! Let’s bust this myth!

EVERY ADULT needs Powers of Attorney for healthcare and for financial/ personal matters. If you don’t have these documents in place and something unexpected happens to you, there is no guarantee that the people you would want to handle matters for you will actually do so OR that those who end up making decisions on your behalf do what you want them to do.

Further, you cannot rely on a marital or familial relationship to guarantee that your spouse or another loved one will be able to handle certain affairs on your behalf. The “Who” or the “What” are never automatically guaranteed.

We have seen far too many spouses, children and other relatives in formal court proceedings for Guardianship and Conservatorship- all because the appropriate documents were not in place. These proceedings cost time, money and resources. They are public and can make an already taxing situation much more stressful. Do NOT let this happen!

Young, Healthy or Married? It doesn’t matter! You need validly executed documents to protect you and your affairs just as much as the Old, Sick and Single! Hurry! Be proactive and give yourself some peace of mind. Contact C&G to assist you today!


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