It’s time to get your fingerprints taken!!!

Just as fingerprints are unique to every individual, so are estate plans! We often have clients come in and tell us they would like a document drafted a certain way because their neighbor, co-worker or friend told them it’s what they did!

There are many different factors that determine what documents a client may require and how they are ultimately drafted. Each estate plan is tailored specifically to an individual’s circumstances. Everyone’s family dynamic, wishes, beliefs and assets are different! A couple with children whose estate has significant tax consequences will have a plan that is completely different from a couple with no children and a small estate, or a single woman who owns her own business. A Christian with staunch religious convictions may have different healthcare or burial wishes than a devout Muslin. All these factors and more will have an impact on the estate plan that best serves YOUR needs.

It’s time to take your fingerprints! Don’t wait another minute! Remember, EVERYONE needs an estate plan. There are no exceptions! Contact C&G TODAY to schedule your consultation!!

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