Intestate Succession: What the State says…goes

Didn’t make your estate plan? No worries- the State will make it FOR you! To die “intestate” means to die without a Will. When this happens, assets that would have passed under your Will, pass according to the laws of “intestate succession” to your closest relatives. These relatives are carefully defined by State Law and your dearest friends or family that are not ‘in line’ will have no say.

Why is this a big deal? Well, for a few reasons, but let’s focus on what most find a bit uncomfortable to discuss. A lot of people won’t mind their property passing according to the laws of intestate succession. After all, the order of succession starts with your “closest family”. However, let’s face it. We do not live in a picture-perfect world. Some people would rather leave whatever they have to a close friend or even to a charity than to have certain family members receive it. Why take a chance? Take the time to ensure that your property passes how YOU want it to.

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