Ignorance is NOT bliss!

“How can I be responsible for that??? I didn’t even know!!!!!” These are words that cause us to wince in pain when we hear them! Why?? Because ignorance of the law is NEVER an excuse- no matter what!

Just because you are not familiar with a particular area of law does not mean it does not apply to you or your business! Equally as important as selling that product or providing that service, is protecting your business. Part of protecting your business requires that you become familiar with and in some cases seek counsel on the areas of law that effect it! Here are some examples of common areas we have seen business owners – those that are just starting AND those that have been running “smoothly” for years- run into problems with due to lack of knowledge and counsel:

• Employment law; • Contract law; • Intellectual property: copyrights, patents and trade secrets • Laws that control how you raise funding/ capital • Local, state, and federal regulations that apply to your specific business (licensing, zoning and much more)

Talk to a professional to make sure you’re on the straight and narrow today! Give us a call!

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