Heated?…Chill Out!

Countless studies have shown that incidences of crime increase during the summer months. In fact, across the country, crimes soar throughout the months of May-September; with peaks on the hottest days of summer. From assaults and disorderly conduct to property crimes and theft; crimes increase across the board. Interestingly, this phenomenon is also seen in areas that are warm year-round… Click HERE to read more.


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Guilty As Charged

In order to be found guilty at trial, the prosecution must convince the judge (at a bench trial) or jury (at a jury trial) that beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the crime was committed and th

Not As Seen On TV!

Real life criminal defense differs from what you’ve seen on T.V. in many ways. One of the biggest differences is timing. T.V. magic typically portrays criminal prosecution, from arrest to jury verdict

Be Careful!

Michigan law allows anyone to petition for a Personal Protection Order (PPO). The person filing the petition (Petitioner) must explain how the subject of the petition (respondent’s) behavior: (1) serv