Estate Planning is for Everyone

We are often asked why estate planning is needed for younger adults or people without children. It’s because IT can happen to you. Well, what is the “it”? “It” is anything that is beyond your control: illness, accident, or even your untimely passing. Since any of these can happen no matter how young or old you are, you need a plan. If you do not have one, someone will likely end up in probate court on your behalf. Probate court is public, taxing and can be costly.  So, where do you start? Your plan can start out simple and develop as your life progresses. It’s easier than you think to get started! You just need to identify THREE things:

  1. WHO will handle your affairs for you if you become unable to do so or pass away; 

  2. WHAT will they be handling-whether it’s a condo or house, a few bank accounts or much more;

  3. HOW will they handle the “what”? Are there stipulations?

Once you can identify the “Who”, the “What” and the “How”, give us a call! We will get your plan completed and give you the peace of mind to know that if “it” happens to you, you will be prepared!

Still not sure where to start? Or do you just want more information on estate planning in general? Join Attorney Jehan Crump-Gibson on April 14, 2020 for an Estate Planning Workshop where you will learn what you need to know and have an opportunity to ask questions. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!


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