Employee Training: The best defense is a good offense!

You cannot win ANY game without good defense AND offense. The same goes for your business. This is why you MUST train your staff, not only for their job function but in the areas that commonly give rise to lawsuits! Here’s the Who, What, When, Where, Why:

Who? Not only Human Resources staff, but ALL staff. If they are in your workforce, they need to be trained.

What? Sexual harassment, retaliation, whistleblower, various types of discrimination- just to name a few! Diversity and sensitivity training is also an important tool!! You must pull out all the stops!

When? Consistently and Persistently! A regular schedule/ plan for training and updates should be in place. Additionally, as issues arise, you need to address them!

Where? This is up to you. Training in different environments with different incentives may make it seem less burdensome to your staff and makes for good morale. Cater in, or if it’s in the budget, rent another location and hold the training there. While you’re calling in the professionals to do the training, plan some fun icebreakers and training trivia prizes- make it enticing!

Why? Training can be one of the most important tools in preventing employment related lawsuits! You cannot expect your workforce to naturally be aware of the common pitfalls associated with certain behaviors. A lot of times, the boots on the ground employees are the ones that hold your fate in their hands. Their actions, words and decision-making can arm someone with what they need to file a suit against you. Businesses may also fare well with insurers when trying to obtain coverage if solid policies and training protocols are in place.

Do not take this for granted- no matter how small your staff is. Cover your bases and protect your business. Contact C&G to assist you TODAY!

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