Don’t Lose Your License or Your Car!

Updated: Mar 29

Far too often people get parking or moving/traffic tickets and decide they will “fight the ticket” or just pay it at some future date. However, the matter gets lost in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and the consequences can be significant.

Keep in mind that moving violations relate to infractions that occur while the vehicle is in motion. Parking violations, such as parking at a broken station, staying past the allotted time, or parking in a designated “No Parking” area, if unpaid or successfully challenged in a timely manner, can prevent you from renewing your license. Additionally, overtime fees and penalties will increase and your car can be immobilized (“booted”) and a hold can be placed on your license.

Common traffic tickets include: speeding, faulty equipment, and no insurance. Penalties for these moving violations will negatively affect your license. Driving privileges (licenses) can be restricted, suspended, or revoked by either accumulating too many points or after being convicted of certain crimes including, drunk driving, hit-and-run, eluding police. License sanctions also carry license reinstatement fees that are paid to Secretary of State. After conviction, Michigan’s point system comes in to play for traffic violations. Points are assigned based on the specific violation and are assessed at 2, 3, 4, or 6 points. Insurance premiums are based in part on how many points are on a driver’s record.

License sanctions and fees vary from city to city, accumulate, and are increased based on prior convictions/violations . Be proactive and speak with an attorney to assess your driving record and implement strategies to remove points from your license, challenge tickets and prevent license revocation.


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