Dodging the bullets…

Did you know the most common lawsuits filed against small businesses are employment related? Most times these suits center on claims of wrongful termination or discrimination. So, what if anything, can you do to dodge these bullets?

The reality is that there is no foolproof plan. There is nothing that will give you an absolute guarantee to avoid an employee lawsuit. The GOOD NEWS is that there are certain measures you can take to significantly minimize your risk or put yourself in a good position, should you have to defend a suit. Here are a few “best practices” that will help to achieve these goals:

• Well-written employee guidelines • Well-defined employment agreements • DOCUMENTATION- of everything! • Record retention policies • Regular employee training

These practices apply whether you have 2 employees or 200! There are a number of other actions you can take to reduce your exposure to employment suits. Do not take this for granted! Employment actions can be devastating to a business! Arm yourself! Put yourself in the best position to dodge the bullets.

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