Do whistleblowers in Michigan need more protection??

Several laws are now under scrutiny as a result of the Flint Water Crisis. Many people are advocating for the legislature to review and amend some of the state’s most impactful laws.

According to this interesting piece we came across, Michigan’s current Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (WPA) needs to be added to the list. Generally, the WPA prevents an employer from discharging, threatening, or otherwise discriminating against an employee regarding the employee’s compensation, terms, conditions, location or privileges of employment because the employee reports or is about to report a violation or suspected violation of law to a public body.

There are some narrow distinctions that have been made by Michigan courts that some believe do not provide enough protection for whistleblowers. Click here to read more on this important issue. What are your thoughts on Michigan’s current WPA? Does it need to be amended?

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