Cover your bases!!!

Cover your bases!!!

Why liability insurance is a MUST for businesses…

A lot of business owners feel as though they cannot afford liability insurance. The truth is, while it can sometimes be expensive, you can’t afford NOT to have it. What happens if you are the victim of theft? Not insured? Who’s going to pay for the computers and other equipment that was stolen? What if you are sued by a former employee or aggrieved client? You will undoubtedly have to pay a qualified attorney to defend the suit- and what about the actual payment that will go to the Plaintiff? How about if someone slips and falls while they are picking up an order from your shop? What if there is a flood or fire? There are so many hypothetical scenarios that can become a reality. Worst case scenario, you can lose your business. Do not roll the dice! There are plenty of options available for coverage. Do not make the mistake of only measuring cost with dollars. It can cost you everything!

No matter how big or small your business is, you need adequate protection. Questions? Concerns? We will help lead you in the right direction. Contact us today!

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