Court of Appeals speaks in Cavazos v. Co-Gab Enters. Inc. – no discrimination!

Take a look at this recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling, where the court rules in favor of the employer in a discrimination case. Here, the terminated employee sued his employer, alleging he was fired because of his Hispanic heritage.The court held that the employee failed to prove that his firing was based on discrimination and not alleged employee misconduct. Click here to read the full text opinion!

Lawsuits like this one, are what you can be faced with as a business owner. Even if, as in this featured case, your business ultimately wins, you still have to deal with defending the action, i.e. time, resources, money. For this reason, understanding current employment law and how it applies to you, your business and your employees is extremely important. Certain measures can be taken to leave you in as best of a position as possible to either avoid litigation or significantly reduce your liability in the event you are sued.

No matter how big or small your business is, not seeking the requisite legal advice as you navigate your daily operations can make or break your business.The best way to protect your company on the back end is to protect it on the front end.

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