Court is in Session... Virtually!

The pandemic forced many courts to close or restrict their dockets to emergency matters only. As the country begins to reopen, our area courts are operating virtually. Hearings, trials, and court filings are all being handled online! Do yourself a favor by downloading and learning Zoom now! Most court dates in March or April were adjourned (postponed) for 60 days but you should check your mail and/or email for your new court dates. Also, monitor your case with the court’s online register of actions, which you can find on the court’s website. If you have missed a court date, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest. So be proactive! Remember, although courts have moved online, courtroom decorum still applies. Your appearance during court hearings should reflect your respect for the court and yourself! If you have questions about your case or new court procedures, call Great Lakes Today!


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