Caught By Cupid’s Arrow: Try Divorce Alternatives

The decision to divorce is an extremely difficult one and should not be made until after careful consideration of its alternatives and its legal consequences. Divorce can negatively impact one’s immigration status, insurance coverage, property rights, and relationship with family and children. If you are contemplating divorce, you should give some thought to separate maintenance (legal separation), not to mention counseling and mediation… Click HERE to read more.


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Adoption: It’s more than you think!

Adoption is not a simple process and should only be taken after careful consideration of all factors, including the legal consequences. The process terminates the parental rights of biological parents

Don’t Wait, Act Now!!!

Men who father children out-of-wedlock may run into issues exercising their rights to the child unless or until the mother of the child consents or the court issues an order recognizing those rights.

Back to Basics: Paternity and Custody in Michigan

The first step for a father seeking custody of a child is to determine paternity. Paternity is a legal recognition of a father. If the parents of a child are married at the time of the child’s birth,