Business Attorneys... You Can't Afford Not To Have Them!

No matter the product or service, running a business is complex. From entity set-up to basic contract drafting and employment policies, the biggest mistake we have seen is entrepreneurs “doing it on their own” based on what other people have done and what they have heard from the general public, family members, and friends.

In every decision you make that impacts your business, whether this is taking on a partner, making employment decisions, rehabilitating your building or leasing space in a new location, you need to understand the laws that govern what you are doing and ensuring that you perform due diligence. For example, if you choose to have a partner, what provisions are in place in your organizing documents that will determine what happens if there is a disagreement in major decision making? Or can you legally ask "those" types of questions in a job interview? Can you really fire someone for that reason? Can you even operate the business you want in the area that you have chosen- what does the zoning code say?

You want to focus on your craft, not guessing what the right answers are and risking everything by choosing the wrong ones. It can quite literally cost you everything! Make the small investment to cover your bases. The value of having legal counsel far outweighs any monetary sacrifice. Contact GLLG to assist you today!!


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