“Bias Free Traffic Enforcement”

Last week, the Lansing Police Department announced they would no longer stop drivers for minor traffic violations such as defective equipment: burned-out license plate lights, and dangling ornaments. The order was put in place in an effort to curtail bias-based traffic stops. This new order also puts a stop on Lansing law enforcement “randomly” running license plate LEIN checks for the next 60 days.

This new effort goes a long way in combating discriminatory practices in law enforcement. If it becomes department policy for the city of Lansing, one can hope the same changes will come to a city near you!

While this is a concrete step in the right direction, more change is needed. However, it is still important to abide by traffic laws. Be mindful and do not ignore any traffic tickets! Be proactive and speak with an attorney to assess your driving record and implement strategies to challenge tickets, remove points, and prevent license revocation.

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