Are You O.K. To Drive?

The holidays are a great time for celebration and oftentimes involve alcohol. The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol can be dire for yourself and others sharing the road. 

Drunk driving offenses in Michigan are known as Operating while Visually Impaired, Operating under the Influence and Operating with the Presence of Drugs. Each carry license suspensions, points, court costs and fines, and possibly jail time. The sentences are enhanced if someone is injured or killed, it is not the first offense, and/or if you are found to have an extremely high blood alcohol content (BAC). Remember, refusing to take a PBT breathalyzer or Datamaster testing, transporting open alcohol, or containers that have alcohol residue, and public drunkenness are all crimes!

Clearly, the consequences of driving under the influence far outweigh the consequences of not drinking, not driving, or catching an Uber or Lyft. The option is yours but if you ask yourself or someone asks you: “Are you o.k. to drive?”, you probably aren’t ok. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

If you’re confronting the unfortunate circumstance of facing a DUI charge, call Great Lakes today!


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