Adoption: It's More Than You Think

Adoption is not a simple process and should only be taken after careful consideration of all factors, including the legal consequences. The process terminates the parental rights of biological parents and a new parental relationship is created with either biologically related or unrelated individuals. Only adults may adopt; however, both minors and adults can be adopted.

Legal adoptions start with the filing of a petition and the process can be tedious. If the biological parents of the adoptee (the person that will be adopted) are still living, parental rights must first be terminated or they must give their consent for the adoption. If the adoptive parents are guardians of the adoptee, the guardians must first serve for the amount of time required by law before petitioning the court for adoption. Additionally, there are a number of criminal offenses that may prohibit a person from legally adopting another. The attorneys at GLLG can assist you through this process. Considering adoption? Give us a call!


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